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When my John died three years ago, I’d never felt so lost. The Man I’d shared my dreams with was no longer around. When he died in 2015, it was a real blow to the family. Not a day goes by where we’re not thinking of him.

For 37 years his smile was the first thing I’d see when I woke up in the morning and the last thing I saw at night. Yes it’s been difficult, times when you wish he was still here and you don’t ever think you’re going to get over it,  but strangely as each day passes, you feel yourself getting stronger and after all is said and done, you’re not really gone are you my John.

John’s funeral was beautiful. So many people turned up to say goodbye. It warmed your heart to see. He was well known throughout our little village and he never shied away from lending a helping hand. But a few days after the funeral, not even a week, I received an invoice for the costs of John’s funeral services.

Initially I thought “Not to worry Sue, that over 50s insurance plan will cover it”. But after speaking to them on the phone, for quite some time might I add, they only covered a third of the costs, leaving myself and Joanne (My Daughter) to pick up the shortfall. For years John and I had paid into our own over 50s insurance for this exact reason. But when the time came when we needed it the most – we were let down. Seriously let down.

We clearly misinterpreted what we were getting ourselves into. I dread to think how many families are finding themselves in the same position as us, at a time when you really could do without all the hassle. I’d never wish this trouble on Joanne.

Having spoken to a couple of my friends to see what they had in place, to find out what they were doing to give themselves peace of mind, Carol mentioned her and Tom had taken out a Funeral Plan. Surprisingly, I’d never heard of this before. Perhaps I’d had the wool pulled over my eyes by all these over 50s insurance plans! So I decided to do some more research into what a funeral plan was. Here’s what I found:

  • A Funeral Plan Will Guarantee to Cover The Cost of Your Funeral’s Services (Coffin, Funeral Director, Venue)
  • There Are A Number of Plans Available (You can choose the one you want)
  • You Can Pay in Instalments or Lump Sum
  • No Health Checks Required

To me it seems like a no brainer. Having the peace of mind, knowing the ones you’re leaving behind won’t have to worry about paying off a huge funeral bill or sort out your wishes – it’s a blessing in disguise! I know Joanne would appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift.

Then, amongst all the over 50s insurance plans on my Facebook news feed I saw this advertisement:

Being the nosey woman I am, I clicked the learn more button which took me to this page:

I completed the form and within ten minutes I received a phone call from a lovely Gentleman. He was very helpful and understanding of my wishes. We arranged for one of their Funeral Advisors to come and see me to discuss my options.

The Gentleman who turned up was really helpful. He sat me down, asked me why I was thinking of taking out a funeral plan and discussed all the options available to me. It was so simple and I couldn’t believe it actually works! For those of you interested, here’s a copy of the form we completed during the meeting:

I only wish we had done it sooner. I wish we’d known about funeral plans when John was still alive. It would’ve prevented all the stress and worry Joanne and I went through trying to raise the funds to cover the costs of his funeral. We got so caught up in that, we found it difficult to mourn our loss.

Now I have my funeral plan, I no longer need my over 50s insurance – I’d rather put my money into savings so Joanne is in complete control of it when the time comes for me to join John up there.

If you’re worried about leaving your loved ones behind like me, then please take a moment today to complete this quick 30 second form and speak to one of the advisors on the other side of the phone. It only takes 5 minutes and could give you the peace of mind it has given me. I promise you won’t regret it!

All the love

Sue x